As a DC-based, nonprofit organization, GOODProjects is committed to providing opportunities daily for at-risk youth and their families to live fulfilling lives, free from poverty, violence, and disease.

GOODProjects is a community-based organization, which prides itself in its history of experience growing up in the community we serve. 

At GOODProjects, we always meet our youth and families where they are and progressively push them to becoming more well-rounded individuals.  Ultimately, although success may look different for each person, through our holistic approach we help them gradually push forward.  Our ability to develop success plans based on the individual allows our youth to appreciate their gradual improvements, absent of comparison. 

The goal of every program we implement is to increase the quality of life in the community.  GOODProjects provides workforce development training, mentorship, tutoring, social entrepreneurship training, athletic development, social-emotional development, alternative environmental exposure, college readiness, as well as the basic needs for families including food and access to government service providers.  The youth and families in our programs receive jobs, degrees, certifications, housing, and are prepared for success despite the systematic inequalities they have had to battle.

Our organization’s leadership is young, ambitious, and passionate with drive that flows into our work in the community every day.  Here at GOODProjects we are not on the sidelines fighting for our youth.  We are in the fight with them.