About GOODCamp

GOODProjects is committed to providing impactful opportunities to at-risk youth using innovative, engaging practices. The first iteration of GOODCamp was a 5-week summer enrichment program in Southeast DC to combat the higher crime rates during the summer months in Wards 7 and 8 with a focus on gun violence prevention, financial literacy, academic tutoring, and athletic training.

GOODCamp’s 150 youth participants are exposed to a versatile curriculum and given access to resources through our various partners. Along with the Department of Behavioral Health, our youth undergo domestic violence awareness and prevention training. Youth are also paired with DIVVII students in China in order to understand factors contributing to the cause of issues affecting their individual communities and beyond. Youth work towards creating and implementing business models for social impact projects to target these particular issues. 

Our ultimate goal for GOODCamp is to form relationships with our youth by providing them with access to resources they are otherwise denied. We hope to guide them to have healthy and fulfilling lives.